Sustainability is everything.

December 3, 2018

Māori have strong spiritual bonds to the land and 'Papatuanuku', the Earth Mother. In the Māori world view, people are closely connected to the land and nature. Kaitiakitanga is based on this idea of humans as part of the natural world, and the feeling of guardianship and conservation. 


We feel this wholeheartedly at Tour Shop. As a business we want to leave no footprint that will potentially impair our environment for our children & grandchildren and ensure that resources are plentiful for future generations.


We often talk about a 'sustainability lens' on every decision, so that it is ingrained in the culture of how we operate. 


As part of this, we have introduced a number of initiatives:

we encourage visitors to have a 'zero waste day' by providing re-usable coffee cups so that you can enjoy your complimentary coffee without generating any waste. When planning our tour routes we make sure that we are efficient and only go as many kilometres as necessary. Our website and social channels try to provide all information that you need to plan a visit, so that we don't produce unnecessary leaflets and paper. All of our team ensure that when we visit a site we leave no trace - particularly when visiting the natural environments like Goat Island Marine Reserve.

When selecting partners to work with, making sure that they have mutual standards is fundamental - we are proud to work as a collective team to ensure that this is the case. For example; paddling in a Clearyak or taking a guided snorkel at Goat Island has the lowest impact on the marine life; there is no noise or sound pollution, the are self-powered so no requirement for gas or oil, they do not use excessive speed which means the life below is un-disturbed and the environmental impact is zero.


 New technologies are developing all the time and we are constantly looking for improvements to make our business more sustainable. If you have any other ideas for us - we'd love to hear from you.







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